Our Rates - Save up to 40% on Electricity & Natural Gas

Our rates for natural gas and electricity are based on the monthly 'floating rate'. You're never locked in to a long-term price and therefore you're able to take advantage of lower costs when the market is low. For example, our rates in recent months have been considerably lower than our competitors, and lower than most long-term contracts. At $5.95/mth, our admin fee is also one of the lowest in the industry today.

Below are the rates our customers have been paying this calendar year. As a comparison, current locked-in contract rates with other providers are running as high as 7cents ($0.07) per kWh for electricity, and as high as $4.99/GJ for natural gas. Why pay as much as 40%-50% more for your utilities, just for the 'privilege' of being locked-in to a long-term contract?

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