In 2017 our customers saved approximately 21% on bundled Electricity & Natural Gas when compared to Easy-Max 3year bundled fixed rate.


PowerBill is in a unique position to grow exponentially in the marketplace. With nearly 100% customer retention we are currently poised to vastly grow the PowerBill business. Presently PowerBill has approximately 500 customers this has been achieved organically with virtually no sales or marketing campaigns to speak of. Presently PowerBill is profitable with a margin of 24% and net profits of 10% also a gross revenue of 1.2 million/year. A truly remarkable gross achievement for a 2 year old company. PowerBill is presently in the process of growing its business on a large scale to at least 10,000 customers. This can be achieved with a relatively nominal increase in overhead with the ability to flow that cash to the bottom line continuously.

By using the funds from the debenture to pay for the increase in prudentials (deposits) to our providers, we remove the prime barrier for the rapid growth of PowerBill. Currently customer concentrations and bad debt ratio are less than 1%. PowerBill’s unique business strategy works by buying power from the providers with full payment to them in 3 days. It is then resold to the customers who pay daily on a 30 day cycle making default virtually non existent. PowerBill is in a unique position for an operating company in that the debt taken on to grow is held by the providers in a guaranteed cash account that cant be accessed.